A peaceful place to connect with your soul...

All courses are designed to make self love and care feel light and easy. This is a stress free environment to assist you in putting your mind, body and soul first.


More Than Worthy – The Self-Certification

A 6-week, live, self-love and care experience. Get clear on what you want, where you're going, and make the positive changes that you need.


Deep Soul Cleanse

A self-paced mini course to nurture the soul. Take a break to practise mindfulness and stillness, through breath, meditation and creativity.


30 Day Self-Love and Care Program

Slow down and make self-love and care feel easy, with these 30 unique ideas to incorporate into your daily life.

Dream Big

Sweet Smiling Soul courses provide you with space to release mental clutter and get clear on what you want in life.

Time For You

Thoughtful and meaningful journaling prompts help you become more self aware and create mind and body balance.

Premium Content

A soulful mix of videos, audio guides and bonus resources which make each course easily digestible and engaging.

What students have to say...

I was inspired to join the ‘More Than Worthy’ program to receive support and encouragement from other women in taking the next steps in my small business. I began to better understand how to differentiate between ego and intuition and I've begun speaking out loud those things which I'm grateful for. After our weekly live calls I felt inspired, supported and joyful. I found the course material very useful! I plan to go back over different parts at different times in my life when I need a reminder. I really enjoyed the part about connecting with your inner child. This course is an incredibly useful investment if you are looking to dig deeper and discover your best self, all while being surrounded by supportive and encouraging women.
Alison - United States
'More Than Worthy - The Self-Certification' member
I needed guidance on how to manage my thought process and make positive changes to my lifestyle. I had a lot of personal realisations but I think what really helped me most was sharing experiences with fellow members and being able to feel comfortable while doing so. Expressing my inner child and actually allowing my inner child to come to life, without fear of judgement, was super important for me throughout this journey. After each live call with the group, I felt revived and relieved from stress! If you’re thinking about completing ‘More Than Worthy’, do it! I believe this could be a gateway for more self-love and care practices, among many other positive changes!
Meagan - Australia
'More Than Worthy - The Self-Certification' member
My biggest takeaways were investing time and energy into working on myself at a deeper level. The program helped me to unpack limiting beliefs that stem from not feeling enough. The different journaling prompts help you to look at situations and beliefs through different lenses. It’s allowed me to realise my worth and start shedding these beliefs that no longer serve me. The program opened up deeper conversations between my friends, boyfriend and I, and allowed us to become closer.
Ashley - Australia
'More Than Worthy - The Self-Certification' member
The More Than Worthy program has taught me new ways to be more kind and loving towards myself. Lauren is the perfect example of femininity and compassion and she brings so much love and empathy as a coach. I love how deep and impactful the conversations and journalling prompts have been and I'm excited to jump into the last module!
Haily - Australia
'More Than Worthy - The Self-Certification' member