Lauren Taylor - Soul Mentor For Women

Hi and welcome to a magical place!

I’m Lauren – mentor, writer, creative and seeker of the soul-full things in life, here to meet:

  • The Dreamer
  • The Creative
  • The Explorer
  • The Feeler

I’m here to help you nurture your ideas and potential so that you can start to believe in yourself and do more of what you love. If you’re ready to stop dimming your light, I’m here to guide you, so that you can bloom into the flower you were born to be.

As your personal mentor, I’ll call on my intuition and life experience as a certified yoga teacher and mindfulness practitioner.

Living life as an expat for five years now, I’ve dabbled in a variety of different careers and hobbies which has led me to finding my purpose as a mentor.

I don’t choose to live my life in theory. I choose to live the full experience by practising new skills, making mistakes, being a beginner as often as I can and totally winging it. I’m actually a master at that and I’m here to encourage you to try it for yourself.

If it’ll light you up inside to follow a path that’s true to you, then what have you got to lose?

I’m not the expert when it comes to telling you how to live your life (you are). However, I’d love to be a part of your journey, to guide you so that you can begin to sing to the harmony of your own song and beat along to the drum. 

Your ideas came to you for a reason and you have the ability to turn your ideas into something meaningful and worthwhile.

While we work together, you’ll begin to find the clarity you need to make positive changes in your life. You’ll reconnect with yourself and practise unconditional self-love. You’ll feel aligned and centred in your being, and make choices that serve your highest good.

I’m here to help you connect with your soul, your inner child, so that you can thrive, find your purpose and do more of what you love.

Let’s turn your vision into reality.

Now it’s time to listen to your heart, surrender and leap forward. Your intuition is what brought you here. Your next step is to trust.

If you’re ready to ignite the light within you – let’s begin a journey together.

 Lauren will help you gain clarity and put real practices into place to help you experience more joy, gratitude and self-love. You'll find an aligned direction in business and/ or life. 
Kari - Canada
Personal Coach
Lauren brings inner wisdom and a radiant energy about her that creates ease and flow. With this it helps you come to a place of deeper understanding and inner insight to help guide you along your soul aligned path.
Soraiya - Canada
Author, Speaker and Spiritual Mentor