Christmas Self-Care Bundle

Give the gift of a nurturing self-care experience to someone special this Christmas!

Gone are the days of giving the gift of more ‘stuff’!

Stuff that gets dusty

Stuff that never gets used

Stuff that takes up space or adds to the clutter

Stuff that doesn’t last

Stuff that isn’t meaningful

Stuff that becomes outdated

Stuff that adds to other stuff

Stuff that’s just stuff

Giving the gift of an experience or something that will touch and improve one’s life, is the better way to go.

These types of gifts tend to last longer, making an imprint on the heart, creating positive memories, offering further opportunities, and creating even more positive experiences along the way.

The gift of a meaningful experience can do wonders! 

That’s why, I’ve put together this Christmas Self-Care Bundle for you to give to another (or indulge in yourself 😉).

The Christmas Self-Care Bundle is a limited-time-only offer that will light up those who are interested in the following topics:

  • Getting clear on your path and purpose and doing more of what you love
  • Self-reflection and understanding yourself at a deeper level
  • Connecting with your intuition so that you can make empowered decisions in your life
  • Releasing the limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that hold you back from living your full potential 
  • Making more space for self-care, stillness, and mindfulness throughout your daily life
  • Learning ways to believe in yourself more so you can make exciting moves in your life
  • Practising new hobbies and making time for creativity
  • Setting healthy personal boundaries so that you can stay true to who you are
  • Living in alignment with your values and your truth, and making sure you stay committed to yourself…

If this speaks to you or someone you love – then keep reading! 😍

For the month of December, you can purchase a special Christmas bundle that includes ALL three of Sweet Smiling Soul’s wellness e-courses an save €259!

Details below!

Here’s what you can expect!

Three self-paced mindfulness, spirituality

and creativity e-courses:

– More Than Worthy – The Self-Certification

– Deep Soul Cleanse

– 30 Day Self-Love and Care Program

This e-course will take you on a well-rounded self-development journey, so that you can move past the limiting beliefs that hold you back, connect with your true self, and start doing more of what you love.

It provides 12 in-depth lessons including video and audio guides, as well as powerful journaling prompts for self-reflection, to help you find the clarity you need.

Normally only accessible inside my group mentoring program which is currently priced at – €297.

Discover the benefits of mindfulness. This e-course provides 5 lessons in the form of video, audio, and written stories, that offer calming and creative activities to bring about peace. As you take on these practises, you’ll become more self-aware and centred in your mind and body.

Includes bonus macrame plant hanger tutorial.

This is an e-course that offers 30 self-love and care prompts to help you bring more balance and calm into your life. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, or just need some time to yourself, jump into this quiet space and refill your cup!

Includes 30 x 2-5 minute video guides, as well as an eBook and a printable calendar/checklist to help you stay committed to your self-care practise.

Counting down the days until Christmas!

Now's your chance to make Christmas shopping less difficult and stressful, and more thoughtful and meaningful instead! 🎄✨🎁


Self-Care Bundle

Christmas SALE!
  • ALL three wellness e-courses
  • 50 engaging video lessons for self-care and mindfulness
  • Downloadable journaling prompts for self-reflection
  • A visual, interactive experience
  • Special offers and bonuses
  • Meditations and audio guides
  • Library filled with inspiration and resources to support you further
  • A space for self-care, calm and stillness
Limited Time Offer

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Give the gift of a nurturing self-care experience this Christmas! ✨🎄💗