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Do you currently feel overwhelmed by the demands of day-to-day life?

Are you struggling to find moments in your day for peace and quiet, self-care, and rest?

Do you feel stressed or burnt out from your work?

Have your passions, hobbies, and the things that you love to do most, been put on the shelf?

Life doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

We can actively choose to surrender to joy and calm on a daily basis.

But first, you need to adopt the practise of mindfulness…

Introducing Deep Soul Cleanse

Your toolkit to help you during times of stress and overwhelm.

Reunite and connect with your true self, and embrace the essence of mindfulness.

The Deep Soul Cleanse e-course, teaches you the first 5 (achievable) steps to get you feeling more aligned, calm and content within, so that you can make the positive changes you desire in life.

This e-course will deliver a solid foundation for you to begin your own unique mindfulness journey:


– Discover the importance of silence and breath and how it can bring you back to the present moment

– Learn easier and more subtle ways to achieve meditation and bring about calm

– Embrace your artistic nature (we’re all artists) so that you can reconnect with your inner child and practise self-love

– Create positive vibrations around you so that you can release unwanted, stagnant energy and begin to attract more of what you desire instead

– Begin to smile from within and feel more content and happy on your journey

Deep Soul Cleanse

Your Mindfulness Toolkit
  • 5 feel-good lessons with video, audio and journaling prompts
  • Stories, tools and practises for mindfulness
  • A space to support you in reuniting with your true self
  • Bonus meditation and resources to indulge in!


I’m Lauren and I’m a lifestyle and personal development mentor, here to help you live in alignment with your highest self and achieve the things that you desire.

I will guide you on a deeper self-discovery journey, paving the way for a more inspiring, fulfilling and creative life.

Inside this e-course, I’m going to share my real stories of transformation with you (including my intense experience of spending 10 days in pure silence) and I’ll give you tools and practices to enhance your own mindfulness journey too.

Your new path, will be one that excites you and I can show you, step-by-step, where to begin!

Sometimes it takes a mentor to shine the light in you and guide you to step into your full potential. And if you’re open, I’ll gladly fill that missing piece for you.

Let’s begin our journey together!

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