Ep. 11 – 21 Day Social Detox: What I Learned

Welcome to Episode 11 of:


The Smiling Soul Podcast

In this episode, Lauren shares her experience while taking a break from social media for 21 days.
This might seem like a simple challenge for some people, but for others, especially online business owners, it’s often a struggle to take a break because of the fear that we’ll miss an opportunity, the pressure to keep up with the algorithm, or the feeling of letting others down. And sometimes, social media can be an addiction. We get home from work, plonk ourselves on the couch and mindlessly scroll as time flies by, and can be completely unaware of the time we spend on our electronic devices.
Lauren will share with you, her biggest takeaways and what she learned during her short time away from social media. But most of all, how she benefited from this experience.
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