Deep Soul Cleanse - LIVE

Once upon a time, I believed that life was meant to look like: 

– Putting the best parts of myself into a 9-5 that didn’t fulfil me, and not saving any of the good stuff for myself

– Feeling anxious and exhausted more often than not

– Not having time for hobbies, because big life responsibilities were always meant to come first, and took up the majority of my time and energy

– No energy on weekends for doing what I loved (Sunday was my most anxious day because it meant that I had to wake up on Monday and charge through the week, with a fake smile on my face, pleasing people I didn’t want to please, and doing things I didn’t really want to do…)

– No time for proper relaxation, life was only about work and keeping others happy

– Money was meant to be spent on bills and material items like clothes, home decor, and things that would make me look like I had everything together (the benefits of investing in positive experiences and my mental health and wellbeing didn’t even occur to me back then)

I was actually quite numb and not able to see that life could be lived in so many different ways – ways that would help me to evolve into my most authentic self.

As a sensitive and creative soul, I was TOTALLY living out of alignment with my true self, which lasted for about 8 years…

Maybe you see yourself living this way of life right now, and it just doesn’t sit right with you anymore…

You probably wouldn’t be here, reading along, if you weren’t searching for something to help you break free.

The first step to change is awareness. And the second step, is to express gratitude for the person you have been and the way of life you have lived up until this point.

Then, express even more gratitude towards the person you’re becoming (your true self). 

Now that I’ve taken action in my own life, and have experienced the benefits of living mindfully, I have become more self-reflective, assertive, optimistic, and sure of my path.

And I’m here to help you make your own journey just that little bit easier, by sharing the things that will get you off the ground, running (in case you’re a little unsure on where to begin…).

Introducing Deep Soul Cleanse!

Purchase now for only €29!

It’s a steal 😉

I chose this name about three years ago when I wrote my first e-book and what is now a mini course in mindfulness. ☺️

To give you a better understanding, Deep Soul Cleanse means:

  • A transformation
  • A self-care journey
  • An energy shift
  • A mindset shift
  • A new beginning
  • A mental reset
  • Clarity and hope

If your self-love and care practice has been put on the shelf for some time, then this 5-day mindfulness experience is the perfect way to help you get back on track.

This is for you if you’re currently:

  • Feeling stuck/lost in relation to your purpose and path
  • Feeling overwhelmed/burnt out by the demands of daily life
  • Craving a work-life balance
  • Lacking motivation and energy to go for what you want
  • Feeling like your hobbies and the things you love are being put aside and not made a priority
  • Feeling ready for a change of some kind – a shift in energy
  • Wanting to connect with like-minded women who will lift your spirit and encourage you to live your truth

During this 5-day experience, I’m going to share the first five steps that I took when I was feeling all of the above.

By the end, you will feel energised, more self-aware, more clear-headed and open to receive new and exciting opportunities to further improve your life and wellbeing.

Here are the topics we’ll touch on:

– Silence and stillness (slowing down) to benefit the soul

– Practising meditation in alternative, easier ways 

– Creativity and how it enhances your intuition 

– Decluttering and cleansing the energy of your surroundings so that you can feel refreshed

– Inviting more positivity into your life

Make self-love and care a priority again and invite peace, calm, and creativity into your life!

We begin on 2nd October 2022, and will meet live for 1 hour of group mentoring, on 6th October at 10am CEST (7pm Sydney / 9am London).

Deep Soul Cleanse

Your Mindfulness Toolkit
  • 5 feel-good lessons on mindfulness and creativity (video, audio guides and journaling prompts)
  • Mindfulness tools, resources and suggestions, to make self-love and care an easy and achievable part of your day
  • A community of like-minded souls to connect with and feel inspired by
  • A space to support you in reuniting with your true self
  • Bonus meditation and resources to indulge in!
  • Free LIVE group mentoring call at the end of the five days! (Currently €111)

What clients have to say:


I’m Lauren and I’m a creativity and mindfulness mentor, here to help you live in alignment with your highest self and achieve the things that you desire.

I will guide you on a deeper self-discovery journey, paving the way for a more inspiring, fulfilling and creative life.

Inside this e-course, I’m going to share my real stories of transformation with you (including my intense experience of spending 10 days in pure silence) and I’ll give you tools and practices to enhance your own mindfulness journey too.

Your new path, will be one that excites you and I can show you, step-by-step, where to begin!

Sometimes it takes a mentor to shine the light in you and guide you to step into your full potential. And if you’re open, I’ll gladly fill that missing piece for you.

Sure, I could have encouraged you to do this on your own – and you still can, as it’s always available on my course platform.

However, why do it alone when you can join a friendly community and do it together – AND receive a bonus session of live group mentoring!

It’s a no-brainer, really! 😉

Plus, you’re more likely to take part and follow through on the activities when you have someone to cheer you on!

Accountability is key to moving forward with ease ✨

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