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Who says colouring is just for kids?

Colouring in pictures is one of the most calming and meditative activities you can engage in.

And you’re about to connect with your inner child again and create a moment of intentional calm within your day.

You’ll release perfectionism and self-doubt and time will pass quickly as you surrender to the flow of creativity.

You’ll learn about the importance of creativity and making time for self-care, and you’ll begin to colour your worries away, one section at a time.

Let’s create space to nurture the soul.

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Welcome to the community šŸ¤—

Hi, I’m Lauren:

– Your personal developmentĀ mentorĀ 

– A creative soul

– An expat (5 years)

– An excellent listener

– Your ultimate encourager

And I believe in you already!

I’m here to support you with the following topics:

– Unconditional self-love and care

– Getting unstuck

– Mindfulness and self-awareness

– Healing through creativity

– Tuning into your inner wisdom

– Finding purpose

– Making time to do what you love

– Embracing life to the fullest

What clients have to say:

Together, we’ll create a plan of action so that you can feel:

– Inner peace

– Free from limiting beliefs

– Motivated

– Confident

– Inspired

– Happy, doing more of what you love

– Alive and full of purpose!

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