Ep. 10 – Strengthen Your Intuition Using Tarot Cards


Welcome to Episode 10 of:


The Smiling Soul Podcast

In this episode, Lauren conducts a Tarot and Oracle Card reading with Haily Kortekaas, to inspire you to use the cards as a tool to enhance your intuition.
This episode will also give you a taste of how Lauren uses the cards to support her clients, in helping them to understand themselves and gain further clarity regarding topics of the heart and soul.

About Haily:

Haily is an intuitive business coach and healer. Using human design she teaches women how to use their energy to create successful businesses and live a life that’s in alignment with their design.
Her mission is to inspire spiritual entrepreneurs to continue to learn, grow, and do the work that they love and are born to do.

To learn more about Haily, visit:

Instagram, Facebook, Podcast: The Spiritualpreneur Podcast. And if you’d like coaching on your unique Human Design you can schedule session 1 with Haily here.
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